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17 Jul


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10 men were perched on top of a gigantic boulder in the middle of the Sahara Desert. They were aiming with their L96A1 sniper rifles. They were pointing at 7 dark figures on top of camels. The 10 men were hired contract killers. They were planning to kill the 7 presidents of the most powerful countries. However, 3 SAS (Secret Air Service) members were flanking the country leaders and they were armed. They each had a Steyr AUGA1 assault rifle, portable flamethrower, and a Glock 17. The contract killers had to carry out this mission fast.

nal from theiThe 10 men aimed with their snipers and waited for the sigr leader. Then with the signal their fingers pulled the trigger. All 7 men slumped down from their camels but the SAS members had bulletproof vests. 2 SAS men franticly tried to revive the presidents. The other one brought out the Steyr AUGA1 assault rifle and searched for the killers but the 10 men have disappeared. The SAS man fumbled for his radio and shouted that he needed immediate backup from Navy Seals.

The 10 killers were now speeding at 120 miles per hour in their camouflaged jeep car. They had to get out of the Sahara Desert as fast as they could or else they would get into trouble. Some of the people in the car had their snipers trained for any followers. They were sweating with fear. Then when everything seemed to be okay, 30 Navy Seals came parachuting down from the sky. They came crashing down on the jeep and shot its wheels. Then they surrounded the car from all four sides. The leader of the Seals shouted, “Come out with your hands up! We have surrounded your car and we are all armed. Drop your guns!” And this was true. All the Navy Seals had AK-47s pointed at the jeep, ready to shoot at any second.

The killers inside the car were scared out of their wits. They figured that they were going to be given a death sentence anyway so why not shoot some Seals now? So they secretly picked up their L96A1 sniper rifles and jumped out of the car while shooting Seals at point blank range. They managed to kill 11 Seals. The rest of the killers were shot in the head by the assault rifles. All the killers except for one. The last contract killer managed to escape back into the jeep and drive away.

The Seals tried to shoot him but he drove away. They took out a gigantic RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) and shot 3 times but they all exploded into the yellow sand. They then started shooting their assault rifles, which got the jeep. It exploded in a fury of orange and yellow showers. How would the Seals explain to the public that 10 of the most powerful world leaders have died? This would be a rough day!



France’s Last Stand

12 Jul

Another little battle. Be sure to read my previous one. A lot more action than this one!

Platoons of battle-hardened German soldiers were crouching behind boulders that were scattered across a beach. The boulders were being blasted to pieces by heavy French machine gun fire. All of the men of the company were endangered of losing their lives. One of the German soldiers pulled out a grenade launcher and shot two rounds at the cliffs, which blew apart French soldiers, giving less resistance. The Germans saw this as a chance and charged towards the cliffs. Many were cut down in the middle of the beach and stepped on by the soldiers behind them. The French began to feel the Germans pressing on them and they started to throw spears at the advancing army. The Germans then arrived at the cliffs and prepared their flying machines.

They used rocket propellers to fly up the cliffs. They managed to kill all the French machine gunners by throwing thermite grenades when they were in the air. Then they prepared the flamethrowers and bazookas. Now their goal was to cut down anything that moves and take over the island. They walked at a steady pace and shot at anything that moved. After awhile, they came across ten tanks with about 100 soldiers flanking them. The Germans hurled all their grenades at them. The massive explosion that followed killed so many soldiers that the dirt became permanently red. The remaining Germans charged with their remaining weapons, the Colt 1911 and dull knives. Only one person still had a flamethrower but that had very little fuel left.

They finally came upon the main castle where the commanders of the whole army were. The remaining Germans held their handguns nervously and kicked down the door. There were many rockets pointed at the door when the Germans rushed in. When they came the rockets killed 22 men but the rest ran in bravely. They fired their handguns like they were automatic weapons. They arrived at the main chamber but found that it was locked. This door was steel so it couldn’t be kicked down. The guy with the flamethrower melted it down and charged in the room. The commanders were ready inside with AK-47s. They cut down nearly all of the Germans. The last couple of soldiers went hand-to-hand combat but did not kill all of them. Reinforcements were quickly called. The commanders of the French army did not know about this. They thought that they had won.

In awhile 1000 fresh German soldiers came in and blew the whole place to ashes. Unfortunately, 50 French soldiers with rocket launchers were standing outside and blew 567 Germans apart. Green and red smoke curled all over the place. The rest of the German army stormed the French and stabbed them to death. The Germany flag was raised. Germany has won!!!

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Battle at Normandy

12 Jul

 Hey everybody! Here is a battle I wrote. Hope you people enjoy it and have  time to comment on it. Thanks!

33 Aircraft Carrier War Ships were cutting through the waters that were headed for Normandy.Each ship was equipped with gigantic automatic weapons, rockets, and highly trained French soldiers. These soldiers included anti-submarine warfare squadron of 6-8 SH-60 Seahawks, electronic warfare squadron of 6 EA-6 Prowlers,detachmenst of logistical support in the form of C-2 Greyhounds, and other back-up soldiers.
 All of the soldiers were stationed throughout the carriers to ensure the protection of these ships and to carry out their mission as planned. Each soldier was equipped with a M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher), Barrett M107 sniper rifle, and a M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). High accuracy men were placed on the roof with the Panzerfaust 3 to counterattack any obstacles. At the sight of the beaches of Normandy, the captain gave a signal for the M252 mortars.
 At the signal the mortars were rolled to the front of the carriers. Their gray and green bodies glinted off in the sunlight.Who knew that these little machines can do so much damage? Then the signal for fire rang out and the mortars exploded with so much force that all 33 ships shuddered.Their firepower was so big that the beaches of Normandy tore itself apart. However Normandy is big and taking over the whole island was going to be tough.
 The carriers anchored at a distance in the water and loaded its soldiers into LCAC(Landing Craft Air Cushion) boats.They started speeding towards the beach when suddenly heavy machine gun fire came from the Germans.Holes sprang up in LCAC boats which then sunk them. Finally the boats landed at the beach and French soldiers began climbing out. Some men were staying behind to cover them while they charged towards the machine gunners. There was chaos all over the place. The frequent ratatat of the machine guns and the screaming of the wounded would drive anyone crazy.
  When the French finally arrived at the cliffs they were shaken with fear but their commanders shouted words of praise and encouragement so they started climbing.They used nylon ropes that were very strong. The Germans on top of the cliff started dropping grenades on the climbers or just simply shot them. However the amount of soldiers overwhelmed the defenders. Many of the French had reached the top and shot all the machine gunners. Now more than 5 million French soldiers were on the beach ready to complete this close to immpossible mission.
 Once they were all at the top of the cliff they started advancing. Then suddenly, Germans popped out of trenches and shot random French soldiers. They have been ambushed. The French began to hurl their grenades into the trenches. Some were brave enough to jump in and go hand to hand combat.The rest figured there was no more time for this and started to advance towards the main castle. The site of millions of French men with modern weapons was very scary but the Germans did not think so. They would not give up.
 Up ahead, 2 million Germans were hiding behind bushes and getting ready to ambush the approaching French.They had Ultimax 100 machine guns and thermite grenades ready in hand.Then they suddenly jumped out and moved down wave after wave of French soldiers. The French regained their senses after 10,034 soldiers died and shot them with RPGs. The remaining Germans fled back to the main castle.The French were scared of being ambushed again so they called in The Lockheed F-22 “Raptor” to bombard any incoming armies from the air.They also summoned 50 BTR-94 and M901 tanks to protect them from all four sides.
 They had not walked a few feet when 125 German Bravia Chaimite tanks opened fire on them.Heavy machine gunners in the tank jumped out and shot at the French army. However because they were protected by the BTR-94 and M901 tanks, there were only a few casualties. The BTR-94 and M901 tanks bombed and exploded the Bravia Chaimite tanks with little effort.Now the French has reached the main castle.
 The French army took out Denel NTW-20 Anti-Material guns and General Electric M134 miniguns and prepared to shoot down the double barrier steel door.They were all very nervous because they did not know what would be in store for them.The AS90 was sent in for backup in case something really bad would happen. Then the French blasted the door open and stormed inside the fort.Germans were waiting with FIM-92 Stingers that were aimed directly at the door when the French came in order to take over the island. As a result, 3 million Lockheed F-35 Lightning IIs flew over and bombed Normandy while the French waited it all out in a triple sealed bomb proof shelter. The n
  The soldiers tried to charge into the fort but the firepower was too strong.They wanted to ask the commanders inside some questions but they had no choice. They radioed the aircraft carriers to prepare the Crotale missile defence system to annihilate the entire fort. 
 The SAS(Special Air Service) also made a call to their base and told them they needed air ext day the German army was nowhere to be found. They have suspected to be all dead. The French have won! Germans have lost 2.45 million people while the French lost 1.79 million people.
 The General Electric M134 minigun