17 Jul


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10 men were perched on top of a gigantic boulder in the middle of the Sahara Desert. They were aiming with their L96A1 sniper rifles. They were pointing at 7 dark figures on top of camels. The 10 men were hired contract killers. They were planning to kill the 7 presidents of the most powerful countries. However, 3 SAS (Secret Air Service) members were flanking the country leaders and they were armed. They each had a Steyr AUGA1 assault rifle, portable flamethrower, and a Glock 17. The contract killers had to carry out this mission fast.

nal from theiThe 10 men aimed with their snipers and waited for the sigr leader. Then with the signal their fingers pulled the trigger. All 7 men slumped down from their camels but the SAS members had bulletproof vests. 2 SAS men franticly tried to revive the presidents. The other one brought out the Steyr AUGA1 assault rifle and searched for the killers but the 10 men have disappeared. The SAS man fumbled for his radio and shouted that he needed immediate backup from Navy Seals.

The 10 killers were now speeding at 120 miles per hour in their camouflaged jeep car. They had to get out of the Sahara Desert as fast as they could or else they would get into trouble. Some of the people in the car had their snipers trained for any followers. They were sweating with fear. Then when everything seemed to be okay, 30 Navy Seals came parachuting down from the sky. They came crashing down on the jeep and shot its wheels. Then they surrounded the car from all four sides. The leader of the Seals shouted, “Come out with your hands up! We have surrounded your car and we are all armed. Drop your guns!” And this was true. All the Navy Seals had AK-47s pointed at the jeep, ready to shoot at any second.

The killers inside the car were scared out of their wits. They figured that they were going to be given a death sentence anyway so why not shoot some Seals now? So they secretly picked up their L96A1 sniper rifles and jumped out of the car while shooting Seals at point blank range. They managed to kill 11 Seals. The rest of the killers were shot in the head by the assault rifles. All the killers except for one. The last contract killer managed to escape back into the jeep and drive away.

The Seals tried to shoot him but he drove away. They took out a gigantic RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) and shot 3 times but they all exploded into the yellow sand. They then started shooting their assault rifles, which got the jeep. It exploded in a fury of orange and yellow showers. How would the Seals explain to the public that 10 of the most powerful world leaders have died? This would be a rough day!



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